Nepali Passport Renewal In USA 2024 – Cost & How

If you are a Nepali residing in the United States of America, there are always several things you can use your international passport to get done, and you can also always renew the passport once it’s getting closer to expiration. Amazingly, you don’t have to come over to Nepal before doing your passport renewal, as you can easily get that done right there in the United States.

Nepali passport renewal in USA cost just USD200 for the 66-page e-passport or USD150 for the 34-page e-Passport. You can start your application online, but still have to complete the process at the Consulate Office in the United States of America.

Nepali Passport Renewal In USA

On how to renew your Nepali passport in USA, first, it should be noted that Nepal has recently joined the list of countries making use of an e-passport. This is an upgrade from the former booklet passport into something more advanced and efficient. This will help prevent stuff like passport fraud and the rest.

Therefore, if you are going to be renewing your Nepali passport, you have to transit to this new e-passport. Kindly note that you must be physically present at the Consulate General office (these services are already being carried out at the Consulate General of Nepal in New York) as it is a live-enrollment one.

It should also be noted that the Consulate would only attend to you if you had an appointment beforehand, since they are trying to prevent too many people coming over at the same time. Hence, before going to their office, make an online appointment for the e-Passport first.

You can easily get this done from the comfort of your home or anywhere else, as far as you have an internet enabled device. Launch the website of the Department of Passport with your smartphone or laptop (, and go to the “Apply for Passport” tab. From here, applicants get to select one of the different options that would be displayed, which answers why they are applying for the passport.

Fill the pre-enrollment application form online, and ensure you input only the right information. Once you are done reviewing, you then can get the printout of the filled-up form with barcode. It is very necessary to know that on the date of your appointment (which you should as much as possible try not to miss), you are expected to to visit the Consulate Office with this printout.

Documents Needed For Nepali Passport Renewals

Aside your printout, you should also go to the Consulate Office with these documents:

  1. Your printed application form
  2. Your current Nepali international passport (the original and a photocopy).
  3. Your Nepali citizenship certificate/card (the original one and a photocopy)
  4. A copy of your Marriage certificate (only for those that are concerned).
  5. For children applying for the Nepali passport, their parents must submit copies of their passport and citizenship
  6. Processing fee (you either pay USD200 for the 66-page e-passport or USD150 for the 34-page e-Passport). Kindly note that the processing fee is payable either in Money Order or Bank-issued check.

N.B: The Commission already indicated that they won’t accept cash and debit/credit/cashier’s check. Also, on the money order or Bank check, applicants should input “Consulate General of Nepal, New York” on it. If this is not valid, they won’t process your application even if you have other things in place.

If also you are interested in getting your passport by mail, you should include a self-addressed prepaid return envelope that should have a tracking number. However, this won’t be necessary if you intend getting your passport from the Consulate in person, after it has been processed.

Finally, if you are above 16 years and you are yet to get your Nepali citizenship certificate, you can still process the two (2) years validity duration passport renewal. The Consulate, in such a case, would accept minor certificate.

For Minor/Newborn

Here are the documents needed:

  1. A printed application form
  2. The birth certificate of the child, which must be registered in the competent authority of their country of birth. In place of this, parents can also obtain a Minor Identity Card for their babies from the District/Area Administration Office in Nepal.
  3. Photocopies of personal data page of parents’ Nepali international passports (the father and mother of the baby).
  4. Photocopies of the citizenship certificate of the father and mother of the child
  5. Copy of parents’ marriage certificate
  6. Processing fee. This is dependent on the age of the child as well as the type of passport needed. If the child is 10 years and above, they will get a 34-page Nepali international passport for USD150. If the child is below 10, they will get the same for USD75. However, if the child is 10 years and above and they are going for a 66-page passport, the fee is USD200. The same passport goes for USD100 for children under 10 years. Kindly note that these processing fees highlighted here are only applicable when you are trying to renew your Nepali international passport. Applicants going for a brand new one in case of passport theft or damage, are going to pay much more.

Also note that the Commission won’t accept cash and debit/credit/cashier’s check, but will only process your application if it is via money order or Bank-issued check.

You have the liberty to visit the Consulate and pick up your child’s new passport when it’s set. But if you want to get it by mail, you must include a self-addressed prepaid return envelope with tracking number when submitting your application at the Consulate Office.

How to Fill in the Form Online

You can, from the comfort of your home, fill in the form online (after which you will visit the Consulate Office for the finalization of the application). First, launch the url on a browser on your laptop or smartphone. You will see a “Apply for Passport” segment. Simply click on it, and you will have access to a new page. Here, you will be shown different options to determine the purpose of your passport application. Since you are interested in renewing your Nepali international passport, simply click on Renewal.

Take your time to read the instructions which will be presented to you, before choosing the size of the passport you are going for (you can either select an Ordinary 34 pages or Ordinary 66 pages). Then, click on “Proceed” & ‘I agree’

Input all necessary details and information, and ignore the ones not mandatory (for instance, as a Nepali living in the United States of America, you don’t have to fill up a NIN if you don’t have a National ID number. After of all of these, you can now upload separate scanned copies of your Nepali citizenship card, as well as your former passport personal data page.

Also upload other demanded documents, including your marriage certificate, migration certificate, etc. You can now click on ‘Book Your Appointment’ and settle for your preferred date and time.

After this, you can submit the form and download it too. Then, print a copy of it and go with the printed form on the day of your appointment. It should also be added that if an applicant failed to visit the Consulate on their scheduled date and time, they have to reschedule their appointment to a later time. Therefore, it is advisable that you ensure you do all you can to be at the Consulate at the date and time appointed to you.

Nepal Embassy And Consulates In USA

A. Nepal Embassy, Washington DC

2131 Leroy Place, NW

Dc 20008

B. Nepal Consulate, San Francisco

909, Montgomery St, Suite 400

CA 94133

C. Nepal Consulate, Chicago

100 West Monroe Street,

Suite 500,



D. Nepal Consulate, Boston, MA

151 Tremont Street, Apt No. 21 L

MA 02111


E. Nepal Consulate, Baltimore MD

515 Walker Ave

MD 21212


F. Nepal Consulate, New York

820 Second Avenue, 17th Floor


New York

You can put a call across via this phone number: +1-212-370-3988. You can also send an email to [email protected]


Nepali passport renewal in USA is not a complicated affair, as far as you follow the rules and instructions. Don’t forget to ensure you visit the Consulate Office when it’s your appointment day, so you won’t have to wait for a later date.

It should also be added that the application processing time for the renewal of your Nepali international passport is 6-8 weeks, and you should have this in mind. Interestingly, irrespective of what part of the United States you reside, you can have your new e-passport shipped to you by the Consulate as soon as they have it from the Department of Passport. Of course, this means that you should have arranged a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope while submitting your application beforehand. You can also pick up the passport from their office in person if you stay around.


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