Which Is Bigger Honda Pilot Or Passport

Honda has been a dominant automaker for years now, and the Honda Pilot is one of their most popular models. But which vehicle is bigger— the Honda Pilot or the Passport? The answer may surprise you. It’s actually the Passport. Why? Because the Pilot has a smaller engine. In terms of size, the Honda Pilot is significantly smaller than the Passport. So if you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle a lot of luggage and passengers, the Passport is likely a better choice than the Honda Pilot.

Honda Pilot

In terms of size and horsepower, the Honda Pilot is clearly bigger than the Passport. But which is actually the largest vehicle available?

The Passport is slightly larger in both length and width, but it doesn’t have as much horsepower as the Pilot. The Pilot has 240 horsepower while the Passport has only 218. That’s a difference of 12 horsepower. So, based on power alone, the Pilot should be considered the larger vehicle.

However, due to its longer wheelbase, the Passport can carry more passengers and cargo than the Pilot. In fact, the Passport can fit up to six people in comparison to just four people in a Pilot. So if you’re looking for a vehicle that can accommodate a large family or crew, the Passport would be a better choice.


The Honda Pilot and the Passport are both large SUVs, but which is bigger? The Honda Pilot is taller and wider, while the Passport has more interior space. The Honda Pilot also has a longer wheelbase than the Passport. The Passport is also heavier, making it less agile in tight spaces.

Features of Honda Pilots

The Honda Pilot is a great vehicle for families because it has plenty of space and features. The Honda Pilot has a V6 engine that provides good fuel economy. It also has a multi-function display that makes it easy to navigate. The Honda Pilot also comes with an Entertainment System that includes satellite radio, CD player, and Trucker mode.

Passport Features

The Honda Pilot and the passport are both larger vehicles, but which one is bigger? The answer to this question depends on how you measure size. The Honda Pilot measures in at 183.3 inches long and 71.9 inches wide, while the passport measures 190.0 inches long and 76.1 inches wide. However, when it comes to weight, the Honda Pilot weighs in at 4800 pounds, while the passport weighs 5620 pounds.


Honda Pilot or Passport?

When it comes to size, the Honda Pilot might seem like the bigger of the two cars. But when it comes to seating capacity, the Passport clearly wins. The Passport has a total of seven seats, while the Pilot only has five. In addition, the Passport also has more cargo space, at 68 cubic feet. So if you need more space for your belongings, the Passport is definitely your car. However, if you’re looking for a car that’s smaller but still has a lot of features, then the Pilot might be a better fit for you.

Honda Pilot vs Passport Comparison

When it comes to size, the Honda Pilot is on the bigger side, but the Passport may be more comfortable for some. The Honda Pilot has a much taller height than the Passport, meaning that there will be more headroom in the Honda. The Honda also has a wider shoulder room and more legroom overall.

When it comes to cargo capacity, the Honda Pilot wins hands down with its huge trunk area. The Passport only offers up to 46 cubic feet of cargo space, which is significantly less than what is available in the Pilot.

One other important factor to consider when comparing these two vehicles is price. The Honda Pilots starting price is much higher than that of the Passports, but once you add additional features like leather seats or a sunroof, the cost can reach upwards of $60,000. So if you’re looking for a car with a lot of space and luxury features, the Honda Pilot might be a better option than the Passport

When it comes to the Honda Pilot or the Passport, it’s hard to say which is bigger. Both vehicles come with a lot of features that can make them very useful in a variety of different situations. It really depends on what you’re looking for and what your needs are. If you’re just starting out and haven’t decided yet which vehicle is right for you, I would recommend checking out both of these options and seeing which one fits your needs better.

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