Does Costco Do Passport Photo? (2024)

Costco is a household name, and for good reason. The store is known for its massive selection of products and its low prices. But what you may not know is that the store also offers passport photo services. If you are applying for a new passport or renewing your current one, checking out Costco could be a great way to save on the process.

Not only will you save money on the photo itself, but you’ll also get discounts on other Costco products in the process. So if you need to get a passport photo done, be sure to head over to Costco!

Does Costco Do Passport Photo?

Costco is known for its low prices, but does the store offer passport photo services? Costco may not offer passport photo services, but there are other places to get your passport photo done. You can go to your local post office or go online and order a passport photo.

Costco is a great place to get passport photos. They have a lot of options, and the prices are good. I was able to get my passport photos done for about $30 total.

What is Costco?

Costco is a warehouse club chain with over 180 locations in the United States. Costco operates as a membership-only store, where shoppers can purchase goods in bulk at discounted prices. Members receive discounts on food, wine, and other items in addition to special member benefits. Costco does not have a physical passport photo processing center. Shoppers must take their passport photos at a local photo studio.

How to get a passport photo from Costco

If you’re looking for a passport photo that won’t break the bank, Costco may be your best bet. The prices are usually quite reasonable, and you can always ask the cashier to search for a less expensive option if they have one.

First, find an appropriate photo size. Most Costco photos are 4×6 inches, but there are variants (such as 3×5) as well. If you’re only taking a single passport picture, go with the smaller option.

Next, take some basic steps to make sure your photo looks good: Make sure your hair is clean and styled neatly; avoid wearing glasses or bright colors; and remove any facial hair. Finally, relax! A good smile will help accentuate features that look good in a passport photo.

Once you have all of the necessary ingredients assembled, it’s time to shoot! Head to one of the store’s stationary stands and take some practice shots. Once you feel confident in your technique, bring your completed photos (and any required paperwork) to one of Costco’s customer service counters for processing. You’ll receive your new passport within several weeks!

The Cost of a Costco Passport Photo

Costco is one of the most popular places to get a passport photo. Passport photos are typically around $60 at most photography studios, but Costco charges only $25. Plus, you can get your photos in as little as 20 minutes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting your Costco passport photo: First, make sure to bring your identification. Second, be ready to sit still for a while. And lastly, be sure to use proper lighting and camera angles when taking your photos.

What Does Costco Do?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse store with a wide variety of products. Costco members can purchase items such as groceries, household supplies, and apparel. In order to be a Costco member, one must have a valid driver’s license or passport.

Membership at Costco requires an annual fee and a valid driver’s license or passport. The requirements for becoming a Costco member vary by state but generally require that the applicant have a government-issued identification card or passport that has been stamped by the appropriate authority (i.e., U.S., Canadian, Mexican, etc.). Once an applicant is approved as a new or renewing Costco member, he/she will receive an identification card in the mail which they should use when shopping at the store.

The primary benefit of being a Costco member is that members receive discounts on merchandise ranging from 10% to 50%. Members also have access to special savings programs such as the Kirkland Signature Program which offers exclusive deals on select home products.

How to Use Your Costco Passport Photo

Step 1: At the Costco membership counter, show your driver’s license and proof of purchase.

Step 2: Choose a photo spot and have your passport photo taken.

Step 3: Keep your receipt and passport photo for reference.

Step 4: Download your photo to your computer.

Step 5: Add a caption to your photo using the provided template.

Do you love Costco? If so, be sure to stock up on groceries this holiday season! Not only do they have all the essentials, but Costco also offers some great benefits for their members, like free passport photos! Here’s how to take advantage of this offer:

1) First thing first, make sure to bring along your driver’s license and proof of purchase when you visit Costco. This will help speed things up since they need to verify that you are in fact a member before taking any photos.
2) Once you’ve been verified, it’s time to find a pose that works well with the background of your picture! You can pick out whatever backdrop looks appealing or choose one that has features in common with items in your cart (like blue containers). Make sure to have someone hold still while you snap the picture!
3) Once you’ve got the perfect shot, save it to your computer using the provided tools. You can add a caption if desired or

How to get a Costco Passport Photo

Costco offers a passport photo service that is convenient and affordable. To get your passport photo taken at Costco, follow these steps:

1. Follow the instructions on the Costco website to purchase your passport photo package.

2. Go to the photo booth in the store where you will have your passport photos taken.

3. Have your ID ready to show to the photographer.

4. When you are in front of the photo booth, flip through the various options until you find a style that best suits you (portrait or landscape). You can also choose between a black and white or color photograph.

5. Place your ID on the camera lens and wait for the photographer to take your picture.


So, does Costco offer passport photo services? Well, it depends on which store you ask. Some do and some don’t. If you’re interested in finding out for sure whether or not your local Costco offers passport photo services, we recommend contacting them directly to find out more. In the meantime, here is a list of other places where you can get passport photos taken.

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