Fiji Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

Getting a Fiji passport renewal in USA is a petty easy task to do. If you are from Fiji and you stay in the united state, you do not need to travel all the way down to your home country to get your passport renewal, you can actually get that down via the Fiji embassy closer to your location in the state.

Those who are eligible to receive Fijian citizenship (through birth, registration, or naturalization) are awarded Fijian passports.

In Fiji, there are three passport options: Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, and Emergency Passport.

So, let us get to know step by step guide to getting your Fiji passport renewed in the State.

Fiji Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

It is mandatory to pre-enroll for a new passport using the Fiji Immigration ePassport Portal. Select the “Download form” button and then follow the detailed instructions that will open in a new window.

Following this, you’ll need to come to the embassy so they can take your fingerprints and photo (please contact them on 02 9900 0700 to make an appointment).

Please bring ALL original documentation to the below address for verification.

Embassy of Fiji in the United States

ADDRESS: 2000 M Street, NW, Suite 710, 20036

CITY: Washington DC

EMAIL: [email protected]

FAX: (202) 466-8325

PHONE: (202) 466-8320


Fees: Application Form Fee: $236 AUD

Stripe Online Processing Fee: 2.9% + 30¢

The Procedure for Scheduling a Passport Renewal Appointment

Here are the measures you should take to book a passport renewal appointment:

First, you need to check out the Passport Seva website.

Second, get into your profile.

Third, under the “View Saved and Submitted Application” option, select the “Pay and Schedule Appointment link.”

The fourth step is to pay the service cost after scheduling the appointment. Credit cards, debit cards, SBI challans, and internet banking can all be used to make payments.

the last step is to click on ‘Print Application Receipt.’ You’ll see your application’s reference number or scheduled appointment number on this confirmation.

Renewal of Your Passport: How to Check Its Progress

It’s easy to see where you stand in the passport renewal process. Enter your file number, birth date, and application type on the Passport Seva website to begin the passport application process. After you’re done, choose “Track Status” from the menu.

Details Regarding the United States Embassy in Fiji

The Fijian Embassy in Washington, DC, provides a full slate of consular services to its many constituents, both domestic and foreign, in the United States.

Need general or specific information about the Fijian economy, culture, sports, education, and more? The Fijian Embassy in Washington, DC is here to help its American people out with its consular services.

Requesting details on how to apply for Fijian citizenship and what must be done to qualify.

Fijian resources and contacts

Want to get a Fijian visa and need help applying? Citizens whose primary residences are in Fiji and the United States are the only ones eligible to apply for a Fijian passport and visa.

Fijian visas and passports are issued through a lengthy process that can take several weeks.

Questions about visas and passports should be directed to the Fijian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Representatives from Fiji in the USA

Fiji has a total of two diplomatic representations in the United States; the embassy is located in Washington, DC.

The New York Consulate for the Republic of Fiji

American embassies and consulates in Fiji

The United States of America is only represented in Fiji by its embassy in Suva.

Countries with Fijian representation

There are 14 diplomatic and consular missions representing Fiji across the world, including the one in Washington, DC.

Offices Representing Foreign Powers in the United States

There are 921 diplomatic and consular missions of foreign governments in the United States, including the Embassy of Fiji in Washington, DC.

Types Of Fiji Passports And How To Apply


Documentation needed to apply for an electronic passport in Fiji

An Authenticated Copy of Your Original Birth Certificate

Certificate of Marriage, Original ( If Married)

documents establishing identity (e.g., a current or former passport, a driver’s license, or a voter identification card issued by the government)

Parents Certificate of Original Birth for Minors (under 12)

Name change deed

$200.00 FJD

Additional Files

Legal Declaration and Police Report on Closed Cases

Certificates of Adoption and Other Original Legal Forms

Declarations of Divorce ( If Divorced )

ePassport Portal Pre-Enrolment Link

ePassport Portal

ePassport Portal Manual

When a customer is ready to submit their biometric and photo information for an ePassport, they must go to the immigration office that is most conveniently located to them after completing the online Pre-enrollment process.

  1. Diplomatic Passport

In most countries, only the President, the Prime Minister, their spouses, and other high-ranking government officials who serve in diplomatic missions are eligible to apply for and get Diplomatic Passports. It’s crimson red, and it’s good for ten years, albeit that’s contingent on how long your appointment or official position lasts.

  1. Emergency Passport

When an Ordinary Passport cannot be produced due to an emergency, an Emergency Passport may be issued.

  1. Certificate of Identity (CI)

Noncitizens may apply for and get a Certificate of Identity for emergency travel purposes; however, these certificates are often only good for a single journey. Fijian passport applications, no matter where they are submitted, are sent to the capital of Suva to be processed. Our diplomatic posts abroad have the discretion to issue CIs in the event of an emergency. See the Passport Application Form and the Passport Guidance Note for details.

There is a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) at the bottom of the biographical page on all Fijian passports, as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Standard ultraviolet (UV) characteristics and watermarks are included in the passports. Passports nowadays have photos and signatures laminated onto the cover. There is a ten-year time limit on the documents.

Please be aware that there will be a surcharge for any applications that require prompt processing.

A bank draft or check issued on a Fijian bank and made payable to Fijian Immigration must be included with all fee submissions from outside of Fiji.


If your Fiji passport is expiring soon, we have provided you with detailed information on how you can go about your Fiji passport renewal and all you need to know.

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