How To Get An Infant Passport? (2024)

As a parent, you are undoubtedly concerned about your child’s safety. That’s why it’s important to have an infant passport in case of an emergency. An infant passport is a travel document that allows babies up to the age of one year old to travel without an adult sponsor.

This means you no longer need to worry about leaving your little one behind when you go on vacation or travel for work. If you think your baby would benefit from having an infant passport, take advantage of our guide to get one. We will walk you through the process and explain everything you need to know in order to get your passport application submitted quickly and easily.

How to Apply for a Passport for an Infant

If you are planning to travel with an infant, you will want to apply for a passport as soon as possible. The application process is relatively straightforward and can be completed in just a few short steps. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Call the U.S. Department of State’s Passport Information Center (PIC) at 1-877-USA-PASSPORT (1-877-872-2778). You can use the automated phoneline or speak with one of the live agents.

2. Provide your name, date of birth, address, and contact information for your infant(ren). If you have more than one child, be sure to provide separate contact information for each child.

3. Request that a passport application form (“DS-11”) be sent to you electronically or by mail. You can also download and print the DS-11 form yourself. The PIC will require some additional documentation from you, such as proof of citizenship (such as a driver’s license or voter registration card), a recent photo of yourself and your infant(ren), and proof that your child is under the legal custody of you or someone authorized by you to act on your behalf (such as a notarized court order).

4. Once all required documentation has been submitted, return the DS-11 form, along with any additional requested documents, to the PIC within 60 days of receiving it

Requirements for an Infant Passport

In order to obtain an infant passport, you will first need to provide proof of your child’s full name, date of birth and place of birth. The parent or legal guardian must also complete and sign the application form. If traveling with the infant, the parents or legal guardians must also provide a letter of permission from the child’s doctor. Finally, you will need to submit all necessary paperwork to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

How to Apply for an Infant Passport

To apply for an infant passport, follow these steps:
– Fill out an application form
– Submit a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate and photo identification
– Pay the application fee
– Send all required documents to the US Department of State
When applying for an infant passport, it is important to keep in mind that infants must be under the age of six months at the time of application. If your child is between six months and one year old when applying, you may need to submit photocopies of their birth certificates, or proof of residency in the United States.

What Happens if You Fail to Meet the Requirements?

If you fail to meet the requirements for an infant passport, you may be able to apply for a passport at a later date. You will need to provide documentation that shows that you are still considered an infant, such as your original birth certificate or other government-issued document that shows your age at the time of your birth. If you are not able to obtain a new passport, you may be able to travel without one if you have authorization from your country’s embassy or consular office.

What You Need To Know

Requirements for an infant passport:

-The infant must be a U.S. citizen or national
-The infant must be under the age of 18 months when application is made
-The infant must have a birth certificate or other documentation verifying citizenship or nationality
-Proof of parent’s relationship to the infant (e.g. court order, adoption decree, etc.)
-Application fee ($60)

How to Get Your Infant Passport

To get your infant passport, you will first need to make an appointment with a passport agent. After making the appointment, you will need to bring your proof of citizenship and your infant’s birth certificate to the appointment. The passport agent will then process your application and give you a receipt.

What If My Infant is Born Outside the US?

If you are pregnant and your baby is born outside of the United States, you may be eligible for an infant passport. This document is valid for one year and allows your child to travel internationally. You will need to provide proof of pregnancy, such as a doctor’s note or ultrasound scan, and documentation that the baby was born in a foreign country. The Passport Agency can also require additional documents, such as a birth certificate or passport application form. Once you have submitted all of the required paperwork, the Passport Agency will send you an infant passport application form which you must complete and return to the agency. You will also need to provide two photographs of your child and payment for processing fees. The Passport Agency will then mail your infant passport to you.

Getting an infant passport can be a big task, but fortunately there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier. First and foremost, be sure to gather all of the necessary documents. These might include your baby’s birth certificate, social security card, immunization records, and more. Next, contact the nearest embassy or consulate and set up an appointment for a consultation. During this meeting, you will need to provide your documentation as well as answer any questions the staff may have about your child’s eligibility for a passport. Finally, plan on spending some money on postage fees – although they are not overly expensive, shipping an infant overseas can be quite costly.

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