Romanian Passport Renewal In USA (2023) Cost & How

One of the major symbols of your Romanian citizenship is your Romanian international passport. This is only issued to nationals of Romania, and it also serve as an international travel document utilized to travel to other countries. As a Romanian living in the United States of America, you don’t have to worry whenever your Romanian international passport is getting expired, since you can always easily get it renewed right there in USA.

Romanian Passport Renewal in USA costs just $67 and you can get it done at any of the Consulates General of Romania in either New York or Los Angeles.

Romanian Passport Renewal In USA – Cost & How

To renew your Romanian international passport as a national of Romania living in the United States of America, you have to visit the nearest passport processing center near you and start your application process. You are expected to submit a completely filled passport renewal application as well as several other necessary documents.

You should visit an appointment beforehand, and visit the office of any of the authorized centers closest to you on the date of your appointment. Applicants are to take their passport photos that must comply with best practices. That is, the background must be plain and white, and the passport photograph should be colored photos. It must show the face of the applicant, which shouldn’t be blocked by a headwear, glasses, or even the hair. It is also important to note that the face should have a neutral expression.

Applicants must submit four of these passport photographs and they can inscribe their names on the back with a pencil. It is necessary to get it right with submitting the right type of passport photos if you don’t want your application to be delayed.

Applicants can then contact the Romanian Consulate that is closest to them in USA, and demand that they fax them a passport renewal application form. They can then fill the application form with the right details, and send them to the Consulate with other necessary documents, like their proof of residency, their birth certificate, their recent Romanian international passport, and even the passport renewal processing fee.

Here are the crucial documents you should send across:

A. The filled passport renewal application form
B. Birth certificate of the applicant
C. Proof of citizenship
D. Marriage certificate for married applicants
E. Passport-size photographs
F. Old Romanian international passport
G. Self-addressed stamped envelope with tracking numbers
H. Passport renewal fee of $67, in money-order form

If you are a minor, you must get permission from your parents before you can apply for a Romanian Passport Renewal at the Consulate General office (they must submit a written consent).

Additionally, married applicants are required to also have their marriage registered and recorded in Romania. You don’t have to travel back home to get this too done, since you can easily get it done at the Romanian Consulate closest to you.

The Romanian Passport is a strong tool in the hands of a citizen of Romania, and it’s the right of every Romanian, irrespective of where in the world they have chosen to live. The Romanian government is interested in ensuring nationals of Romania won’t find it difficult to possess a passport which is up-to-date and recent. Therefore, official Consulates are scattered around the world, and the United States of America is not exempted.

Your passport is a proof of your citizenship as a Romanian, and it’s the travel document you can use to have access to other countries. It also fosters the process of getting assistance from Romanian Consular officials in USA.

While the Romanian international passport may not be as strong as some others on the global front, it is definitely ranking higher than several others. With your Romanian international passport, you as a citizen of Romania can easily travel to over 170 countries around the world without a visa or with one granted on arrival. Also, with a functional Romanian international passport, you can live and work in any EU country (just as others can do in Romania). This is because as a national of Romania, you are a citizen of the European Union. Your passport is strong enough to ensure that you move freely and live in any of the states of the European Union.

Types Of Romanian Passport

First, the concept of the Passport in the country of Romania has come a very long way indeed. However, by 1912, a major evolution was witnessed when King Carol 1 made the first modern laws concerning passports in the country, and there was the establishment of general principles concerning Passports and border crossing being compulsory for authorities and citizens.

Before and during World War II, new types of ordinary passports, service and diplomatic were brought up, ensuring the evolution of Romanian passports. In 1947, the Romanian Passport witnessed another major upgrade, coming with a new name of the state. Finally, after the country’s borders were opened following the fall of the communist bloc, a lot of Romanians were interested in traveling to foreign countries. Due to this reason, the government had to upgrade the country’s official documents to be consistent with international standards. This one which is similar to what other countries were issuing was introduced into circulation from 1993.

Eventually, the Romanian government brought up another upgrade in 2002 so as to ensure greater security of documents. A latest design was introduced for the Romanian international passport by the government in 2019.

Here are the current types of Romania passports:

1. Diplomatic passport
2. Business passport
3. Simple (biometric). This is the regular Romanian international passport which is valid for ten years only for citizens above age 18.
4. Simple (temporary). This is an emergency travel document which is valid for just 12 months.

After talked about the major types of the Romanian passport, let’s now also state a description of the Passport. Actually, the current ones are burgundy red in colour. In the center of the front cover of the Romanian Passport, you will find the country’s Coat of Arm. In the Romanian language, you will find on top and below the Romanian Coat of Arm the inscriptions ‘European Union” and “Romanian” and “Passport”.

Additionally, the first page of the Passport is the information page of the owner of the particular Passport. Aside the details of the passport owner, you will also find the issuing authority there. Note that this first page is not numbered. Also, the Passport was designed in such a way that you can, at the very last page of the Passport, fill some information as touching folks that can be contacted in case of emergency.

Also, the authorities utilized the third cover of the Passport to instruct users on how to use their international passport, and how not to use them (the do’s and don’t). This has been importantly done to ensure people won’t abuse the Romanian international passport. You should realize that if the Passport is being constantly abused on the global front, it can have several effects on the country. For instance, some countries where you could enter without having to get a visa with a Romanian visa, will start requesting for one.

Here are the data contained in the Romanian Passport:

1. The picture of the owner of the Passport.
2. The type of Passport that have been granted to the Passport holder
3. The Romanian country code
4. The unique Passport number of the owner of the Romanian Passport
5. The personal number of the person
6. The surname of the Passport holder
7. The names of the Passport holder
8. Citizenship of the Passport holder (just to say their nationality)
9. Date of birth of the Passport holder
10. Gender
11. Place of birth of the Passport holder
12. Date of issue of the Passport
13. Date of expiration of the Passport
14. Authority
15. Holder’s signature

Romanian Foreign Missions In USA

Romanian Embassy in the District of Columbia

District of Columbia. 1607-23rd Street NW
District of Columbia

You can give them a call via any of these phone numbers: +1-202-332-4848, and +1-202-332-4846

You can also send email to [email protected]g or [email protected]

Romanian Consulate General, New York

573-577, Third Avenue,
New York
NY 10016
New York

You can call them on +1-212-682-9746. You can also send email to [email protected]


Romanian passport renewal in USA is not much of a complicated process. You can easily get it done at the closest Romanian Consulate General office in the United States of America.

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