Austrian Passport Renewal In USA – Cost & How To Apply

Austrian passport renewal in the USA is why you are here. But it will interest you to know that the consular is currently experiencing longer wait times for appointments and email responses due to an increase in consular services, particularly the issuance of passports. Due to the high volume of requests they are receiving, the consular sent apologies for the delay in responding to any of your questions.

To renew your passport, pre-arrangement is required for appointments. You must make an appointment to visit the Consulate General. Consultations with the Austrian Consulate General can be scheduled during working hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) via email at [email protected]. Their emergency phone number is +1 212 736 6400, with the extension 0. In the event that you require an emergency passport, please send an email to [email protected].

Their online reservation system cannot be used to book passport applications for descendants of victims of the National Socialist dictatorship. Please contact your caseworker or email [email protected] if you have any further questions.

Consular services are in high demand, and making an appointment might be difficult due to the difficulty in finding one. Beginning on the first of each month, additional time slots will be made available. There is currently a two-month wait for an appointment (that means that on June 1st, we will open new time slots for August).

Austrian Passport Renewal In USA – Cost & How To Apply

As of November 12, 2021, adults in Bermuda will be able to apply for passports at the Honorary Consulate. To make an appointment, you must first make an appointment with us. A message can be sent to this address: office(at)

Since candidates do not have to travel to New York, the Honorary Consulate Bermuda offers this service. The usual passport charge must be paid in addition to a €30,- service fee (the conversion rate for USD fluctuates each month).

Consular Fees, August 2023

Visa & Residence Permit

Schengen Visa C for adults



Schengen Visa C for children (6 to 12 years)



Schengen Visa for children (0 to 6 years)


no fee

Schengen Visum C for citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldavia, and Georgia



National Visa D (students, employees, volunteers, etc.)



National Visa D for children under 6 years of age



Residence permit



Biometric data for a residence permit



Residence permit for children (0 – 6 years)




Issuance of passport



Issuance of children’s passports (up to 12 years of age)



Issuance of express passport



Issuance of express children’s passport (up to 12 years of age)



Issuance of personal ID



Issuance of personal ID for minors under 16 years of age



Changes in a passport



Fingerprints for passports/ID applied for in Miami/Atlanta



Other Documents & Attestations

Certificate of citizenship



Attestation of a signature



Attestation of a transcript



Criminal record



Certificate of civil status






Delivery/ forwarding of a document



Delivery/ forwarding of a supplement



Requisition of a document



Some services are offered at no cost. These services include, for example, the issuance of certificates of citizenship and travel documents if requested within two years of a child’s birth, provided they are requested.

There is a 50% premium on the standard consular costs for services provided beyond regular business hours.

Austrian passports and ID cards abroad

The following Austrian embassies in the United States accept applications for new Austrian passports and identification cards:

Consulate General of Austria in New York City if you reside in any of these states or on the Bermudas:

Connecticut | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kentucky | Maine | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont | Wisconsin

As a citizen of one of the following countries, your consular information is in Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC

Alabama | Arkansas | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Kansas | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | Missouri | North Carolina | Oklahoma | Puerto Rico | South Carolina| Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | West Virginia | U.S. Virgin Islands | Bahamas

A consular mission to the United States of Austria For those of you who reside in one of the states listed below:

Alaska | Arizona | California| Colorado | Hawaii | Idaho | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Mexico | North Dakota | Oregon | South Dakota | Utah | Washington | Wyoming | U.S. Pacific Islands

In order to apply, you must make an appointment using their online reservation system.

Scheduling a consular appointment can be difficult due to the high demand for these services. Every month, on the first, new time slots become available. Right now, a two-month wait is to be expected for an appointment (that means that on May 1st, they will open new time slots for July).

Do you want to know how much it costs to become an Austrian citizen? Many people want dual citizenship with Austria because of the country’s many advantages. However, the cost of obtaining an Austrian passport is a major worry. A comprehensive examination of Austrian citizenship criteria and costs will be provided in this article.

Citizenship Restrictions In Austria

As a result of lineage:

As a descendant of a Holocaust survivor who endured Nazi persecution in Austria, you can prove your eligibility for Austrian citizenship. Thousands more Jews from around the world will be able to apply for Austrian dual citizenship after the country relaxed its citizenship qualifications in September 2020. The new law allows female Holocaust survivors’ descendants to apply for Austrian citizenship when before only male Holocaust survivors’ descendants were eligible.

By Investment:

Individuals who have the ability to invest in Austria’s economy can also apply for Austrian citizenship. Investing a minimum of €10 million in a firm or giving a minimum of €3 million to a government development fund is required for foreigners to apply for Austrian citizenship.

By naturalization:

You can apply for Austrian citizenship if you’ve been in Austria for at least five years with a valid Residence Permit and have been here for at least ten years. Austria also has a “key manager” program where you can apply for a residence permit if you find a position as a manager in an Austrian company and earn at least 2500 EUR per month.

Cost Of Citizenship In Australia

The expense of Austrian citizenship is a major concern for many people who want to apply for Austrian citizenship. Vienna’s official website provides an overview of fees for citizens, based on the road to citizenship and other variables.

Applicants for Austrian citizenship must pay both federal and provincial administrative costs.

Each province has its own set of administrative costs, but federal fees are the same all over Austria.

Additionally, you must account for application fees and the cost of providing required papers when determining Austrian citizenship expenditures.

The Vienna province has imposed the following fees:

Based on legal claims of Austrian citizenship, such as marriage, the cost of Austrian citizenship:

Those who are solely responsible for paying the federal fee of EUR 700 and the provincial administrative fee of EUR 76 are required to do so.

In addition to a federal administrative charge of EUR 1,400, married couples will also have to pay a provincial administrative fee of EUR 152.

Austrian Citizenship Costs Based on Naturalization Citizenship

Singles must pay a federal charge of EUR 900 and a provincial fee of EUR 150.

Combined federal and administrative fees for married couples come to EUR 1,600.

A federal cost of EUR 200 and a provincial fee of EUR 76 are required if you seek to extend Austrian citizenship to minor children.

The Cost Of Citizenship In Austria Based On Descent.

The application process for re-establishing Austrian citizenship is as simple as filling out an internet questionnaire and signing a declaration form, even if the applicant leaves Austria because of persecution. Despite the fact that this service is provided free of charge, it is critical that applicants understand what papers they need to deliver, how to properly complete the forms and the overall procedure.


You can get an Austrian passport renewal in the USA with the information we have provided your above.

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