Cuban Passport Renewal In US- Cost & How To Apply

Getting a Cuban passport renewal in the US should not be a pain in the ass. Getting your passport to be renewed takes just a few steps which include visiting the consular office either in person or applying via an online platform

Here in this guide, we have provided you with detailed information about Cuban passport renewal in America and all you need to know.

Cuban Passport Renewal In US- Cost & How To Apply

You will need the following documents to renew your Cuban passport

One modern full-color photograph on a white background, 2 inches (5 cm) square. Make sure the photos you’re using meet all the criteria.

If your photo does not meet the specifications, your application will be rejected, and you will need to reschedule another visit to the embassy.

Passport application form (DS-82 or DS-5504) in its entirety.

An applicant’s previous passport.

An original and a single copy.

Proof of any changes made to a person’s biography (if needed).

Primary and a single copy. (New name required by court order)

One Hundred Thirty Dollars (USD) or it’s equivalent in Cuban Pesos (CUP) (cash only; checks or credit cards are not accepted).

It is possible that you will need to provide additional documentation of your U.S. citizenship in addition to a valid passport if your prior passport has expired (for example Naturalization or Birth Certificate).

To drop off your application, please schedule a time by calling the American Citizens Services Unit at (+53) 7839-4100.

What Kind Of Visa Do I Need To Visit Cuba?

Visiting Cuba necessitates first obtaining a Cuban visa from the Cuban government. Visas to Cuba are frequently referred to as “tourist cards.” The Cuban visa permits the holder to enter the country once and remain there for 30 days.

There are two halves to the Cuban visa. When arriving in Cuba, visitors had to hand over half of their passports to immigration officers, and when leaving, they had to give back the other half.

Both halves of the tourist visa are returned to you upon arrival at immigration, but the complete visa must be returned to Cuban authorities before you can leave the country. In any case, remember to keep your Cuban visa safe the entire time you’re in the nation so you may use it to leave the country when the time comes.



A-1 visas are required for entry into Cuba for citizens of certain countries. The following nations’ citizens have been affected: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen.


Reporters and journalists who are visiting the island for work purposes may be required to apply for and obtain a special press visa in order to enter the country as a correspondent from the United States.

Cuban American Travelers

Cuban Americans of Cuban ancestry may require a special visa to enter Cuba. For additional information, feel free to contact their embassy.

HE-11 and Habilitación visas for Cuban-Born Travelers

To enter Cuba, you may need a special visa known as the HE-11 if you were not born on the island. This visa is mandated by Cuba and has nothing to do with American law.

Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who left Cuba prior to December 31, 1970, can enter the country with a valid U.S. passport (or green card) and a HE-11 visa. A copy of the applicant’s valid U.S. passport is required, as is a copy of any government-issued U.S. document (such as a school or medical record, an electricity or phone bill) showing continuous residence outside of Cuba prior to December 31, 1970.

A Cuban passport or a U.S. passport is valid for travel to Cuba for anyone who left the country after December 31, 1970. They need a Habilitación visa and a valid U.S. and Cuban passport (dual citizenship) (this accompanies the Cuba passport and needs to be renewed regularly).

Check-in at the airport requires copies of all of these documents, including the Habilitación. Let them know if you or anyone in your party needs help applying for a Cuban passport. Keep in mind that it can take anything from six weeks to a year for Cuba to get a new passport.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The duration of the processing period ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. All visa applications are handled by the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC, therefore processing times are out of anyone’s hands. While we cannot guarantee that clients will receive special visas in time for their trip, The Embassy office will do all in its power to help them secure the necessary visas and make other travel arrangements. Common visas and tourist cards visiting Cuba are unaffected.

For Your Convenience, Here’s Some Additional De

Observe this: You cannot obtain your Cuban visa or arrange for your travel to Cuba without a valid U.S. passport. Please visit the U.S. Passports & International Travel website if you need to apply for a new passport or renew your current one.

Your U.S. passport’s expiration date must be at least six months after your scheduled date of return from your trip abroad. Check your passport and renew it without delay to avoid paying extra for rush processing.


So far so good, getting to know about Cuban passport renewal in US will aid you during your application processes. So that is all we have prepared for you, if you have additional information, you may let us know via the comment section below.

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