Dutch Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

Are you a Dutch citizen? The next step is to visit your town hall to submit an application or renew an existing one. Need to get a new passport or just need to renew your current one? To apply, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the country you wish to enter.

Citizens of the Netherlands who are currently located outside of the country can apply for a replacement passport or identity card at any Dutch embassy or consulate abroad, or at any of a number of local municipal offices in the Netherlands.

Dutch Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

You’ll need this while applying for or renewing your passport in the Netherlands.

Possession of all necessary travel documents; One passport-sized, color photo that meets Dutch passport criteria.

Valid passport for minors under 18 years of age

At the time of application, please bring your minor child with you.

In order to apply for a passport, you will need the approval of both parents or legal guardians. There’s a form you need to fill out for this. The local government is your source for the necessary form. Please bring the signed consent form with you to your appointment to apply.

All of your child’s passports and other forms of identification; a passport-sized, passport-compliant color photo of your youngster. Regardless of whether they are still valid or not.

All parents/guardians must present photo identification.

Passport renewals and applications submitted outside of the Netherlands

Are you a Dutch citizen? If you need to contact the Netherlands government, you should stop by the Dutch embassy or consulate in your current country. Are you just passing through the Netherlands on the way to another destination? Apply at the municipal information desk in Schiphol or at a municipality on the Dutch border.

If you are a Dutch citizen living in the Caribbean region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and you need a new passport or are due to renew your current passport, you can do so by applying to:

Aruba (Cabinet of the Governor, Department of Civil Affairs);

Curaçao (Cabinet of the Governor, Department of Civil Affairs);

Sint Maarten (Cabinet of the Governor, Department of Civil Affairs);

Bonaire (Civil Affairs) (in Dutch).

There is paperwork you need to bring with you. A custom checklist of required paperwork can be requested (in Dutch).

Netherlands embassy in Washington, D.C.

Contact details Ambassador André Haspels

Address 4200 Linnean Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

Phone +12022445300
24 hours a day, 7 days a week Monday until Friday: 8:30 – 16:30 (by appointment only)

Why do I need a passport or other form of official identification?

Official identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, is required in many situations. You can get visa stamps in your passport for particular nations, and it will be good for traveling anywhere in the world. In addition to serving as proof of identity, a Dutch national’s ID card grants them the right to freely move around the European Union (EU) and other European nations.

If I need to get a new passport or driver’s license, where do I go?

Any Dutch embassy or consulate outside of the Netherlands will be able to process your application for a passport or identity card, proving your Dutch citizenship. To get started, please schedule a consultation. A diplomatic mission’s hours of operation and how to schedule an appointment can be found on the respective mission’s website.

A Dutch passport or laissez-passer can be obtained quickly at any Dutch diplomatic office abroad (embassies, consulates-general, or honorary consulates).

What forms of identification do I need to bring?

A new travel document requires a personal appearance at an embassy or consulate for identification purposes. Your kids are in the same boat. Bring a current photograph that is a true likeness of yourself and a signed application form.

Additionally, you’ll need documentation showing that you’re a Dutch citizen. It is impossible for the embassy or consulate to issue the papers you need if there is any uncertainty regarding your citizenship. When receiving official mail from the Dutch government, your Burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number) will be referenced if your current travel document was issued by a Dutch diplomatic mission overseas. All of your travel documents, both Dutch and international, should be presented for review.

See the passport application requirements on the website of the embassy or consulate where you plan to submit your application.

Acquiring a Replacement Passport or Identification Card

Passport renewals and replacements are processed in the Netherlands and then shipped to the relevant embassy or consulate. As a result, it could take a few weeks for your application to be processed.

Get in touch with the consulate or embassy to find out when you may pick up your new passport or other official identification documents. Unless exceptional circumstances prevent you from doing so (such as a long distance to travel or mobility issues), you should do this in person. Depending on the circumstances, the new passport or ID card could be mailed to you.

This is something you should acknowledge when you submit your application, though. This arrangement is entirely at your own risk and expense and is contingent upon the reliability and safety of the postal services.

The Procedure for Reporting a Lost Passport and Obtaining an Emergency Travel Document

If you lose your passport or identification card while outside the Netherlands, you must report the loss to the police as soon as possible. You should also submit a replacement request to the nearest Dutch embassy or consulate as soon as possible.

The embassy or consulate may issue you a passport or a laissez-passer while your regular passport can be processed. Only if you can prove that you are in a true emergency will you be granted an emergency passport.

An urgent document application must be submitted during regular business hours. An urgent travel document is only good for the specific trip it was issued for.

Even kids need to follow these guidelines. Minors needing emergency travel documents must have their request approved by the child’s legal guardian(s).

It could take several days to complete the process of getting an urgent travel document.

Get in touch with the Dutch embassy or consulate in your current location for more details. Contact the Emergency Documents Office support desk at Schiphol Airport as an alternative. At any time, dial +31(0)20 603 8692 to reach the support team.


If you are planning of getting your Dutch passport renewal in USA, all you have to do is to visit the Dutch embassy closer to you with the necessary documentation we have listed in this content couple with appropriate to start your renewal process.

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