Myanmar Passport Renewal In USA – Cost & How To Apply

Despite its necessity, many people put off renewing their passports until the last minute. It’s smart to keep track of when various forms of identification and papers, especially those needed for international travel, need to be renewed.

The term Burma is still used on some passports, mostly those of senior people. After a name change in 1989, Burma is now called Myanmar. The United States and the United Kingdom both continued to use the term Burma at first, but that practice has since all but died out.

The procedures for renewing a Myanmar passport at the embassy are outlined below. Details on the paperwork required, processing time, cost, and more for nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore are all provided. Get the details here by reading on!

Myanmar Passport Renewal In USA

In most countries, you can renew your passport in the same way you renew your visa. Make an appointment with the appropriate embassy, fill out all necessary forms, and pay any renewal fees.

When you schedule an appointment with an embassy, they will send you a letter reminding you of your scheduled visit.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to schedule a personal appointment and that it could take up your entire day. Compared to other countries, the renewal process in this one requires more documentation.

Keep in mind that you won’t be getting your passport back that day. It may take up to 21 days to get it in the mail when processing is complete. Without a valid passport, you will not be able to leave the country you are currently in or enter Myanmar or any other country.

It has been decided to implement a “Q System” as part of the embassy’s refurbishment. Be prepared to wait; you will be assigned a time and a number in a queue.

Is It Possible to Renew My Myanmar Passport If I Overstayed?

Every day you overstay your visa or passport allows you to remain in the country, you will be charged a fine.

The penalties aren’t overly severe, which is good news. This fine, which amounts to about $3 USD every day, must be paid in person at the overstay office.

The consequences of overstaying on a visa are much less severe than those of overstaying on an expired passport. Overstay fees vary for every embassy, so be sure you know what they are before you go.

How Can I Obtain a Renewal Application for My Myanmar Passport?

You may find the passport renewal form on the website of the appropriate embassy in your country.

Because the Myanmar embassy in London issued this paperwork, it is valid and binding.

There will be a section on the website detailing the document’s photo requirements and other pertinent data. However, the form cannot be submitted electronically.

Get a printout, fill it out completely, and bring it with you. The embassy has the right to reject your application if any of the information you provided is false, forcing you to begin the process all over again.

Myanmar Passport Renewal Application – What’s Included?

In order to renew your membership, you must supply the following details on the renewal form.

What your complete name is legally known as.

Earlier monikers (including maiden names).

The various aliases you use.

Date of birth.

The town or city where you were born.

Your country of origin.

Your religion.

The passport number and issuance date of a valid Myanmar travel document.

The number assigned to you by the government.

Your height and weight.

The color of your hair and eyes.

Identifiable outward characteristics (such as body decorations or birthmarks).

When you plan to enter the nation.

The reason for your trip.

Current employer and job information.

All levels of schooling considered.

Passport endorsement information (including nations).

Justification for applying for a new passport.

Can I mail in my renewal for a Myanmar passport?

Unfortunately, you need to schedule at least one in-person meeting with the appropriate embassy in order to renew this document. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to finish anything via mail. For this reason, you should plan to spend at least one full day at the consulate.

The above shows how extensive the form is for renewing the document. The appointment is beneficial since it eliminates the potential for mistakes that could cause a delay in renewing your travel document.

Bring all relevant photographs to the conference. You are not subject to photo taking at the embassy. All of your pictures need to have been taken within the last half a year.

When Does It Take? How Long Does It Take to Renew a Myanmar Passport?

A new one could take as long as 45 days to arrive after you apply for it. Using a different consulate’s services could potentially shorten the process.

Depending on where you live, a quicker procedure may be an option. You should expect to pay extra if you need your renewal processed soon.

To renew a Myanmar passport, how much should one expect to pay?

Wherever you are, you must use the money of the area in which you are transacting business. As a rough estimate, the renewal fees are as follows:

Costs $35 for easy renewal.

The cost to renew an expired passport is $55 US Dollars.

Passports having more than a year of remaining validity can be renewed for $70 USD.

Depending on the country’s requirements, some embassies may additionally need a copy of your flight ticket as proof of purchase. As an illustration, let’s look at Singapore. It is risky to apply without first verifying that you meet the most recent requirements.

Wives, family members, and any employees you may be representing or assisting with renewal may be subject to additional rules. Before moving further with an application, you should definitely contact the embassy of the applicable country in your current location.

If I need to renew my Myanmar passport, where do I go?

We hope that you now have all the information you need to renew your passport at the embassy. Here, we tell you exactly where to go in a variety of countries, from the United Kingdom to the United States to Singapore to Myanmar itself, to fulfill this need. You should keep reading because it will benefit you.

Format for Renewing a Myanmar Passport in the United Kingdom

If you need to renew your passport for travel to Myanmar, you can do so at the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in London, which is the official location for doing so in the United Kingdom. You can contact this embassy at:

19A Charles Street
Tel: (44) 20 7148 0740 or (44) 20 7499 4340

The embassy will assist you in completing the paperwork and accepting any payments required to renew your travel document. When scheduling an appointment, you should inquire about acceptable forms of payment. For some, only local currency cash will do.

Renewing a Passport from Myanmar in the United States

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar’s official embassy in the United States is the place to go to renew your passport. You can find it at this location:

2300 S Street NW
Washington D.C
Tel: (202) 332 3344 or (202) 332 4350

Schedule a meeting with the embassy by calling beforehand. Help with filling out and submitting the required paperwork is at your disposal from this point on.

Renewing a Passport in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, the country’s largest city, has an entire department devoted to this very task. Seeing a doctor here requires an appointment, but given the high volume of patients, you shouldn’t be shocked if your visit is postponed. Here’s the place:

No. 1 Industrial Road

There is no way to know how long you will stay there, so don’t schedule anything before or after your visit. Be prepared to spend a whole day waiting to be seen, and you may be referred to numerous different departments. Providing everything is in order, you will eventually have your new document confirmed.

Guide to Renewing Your Myanmar Passport in Singapore

To renew your document in Singapore, book an appointment in advance with a consular. This is extremely critical, as walk-in appointments will not be allowed unless your case is a real emergency.

The address of the embassy is:

No. 15

St. Martin’s Drive



Don’t forget to bring your identification documentation and photographs. Make sure you have adequate cash on hand to pay for the documentation renewal. The embassy in Singapore will only take cash payments.

It is recommended to maintain more cash than you believe you will need in case of any unforeseen changes to the regulations, even though this is improbable.

Can You Do a Singapore Passport Renewal at the Myanmar Embassy?

On paper, certainly, you can. There is a lot of anecdotal information online suggesting that the embassy in Singapore is not as user-friendly as some of its customers would like.



If you are intending to renew a Singaporean passport with no direct relation to a Myanmar one, it is best to undertake these renewals separately and not involve the embassy unnecessarily.

In short, you should be OK to acquire your renewal if you carefully verify all of your papers and include all you can. You can feel comfortable communicating in English or one of the many other languages spoken at the consulates worldwide.

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