Does The Ups Store Do Passport Photos? (2024)

Do you need passport photos? If you are a US citizen, the answer is probably yes. If you are not a US citizen, the answer is probably no—unless you want to pay extra for them. But what if you want to buy a digital passport photo? Does the Ups store do them? The answer is: It depends.

The Ups store does not offer digital passport photos, but there are other online stores that do. So if you need a passport photo and you don’t have time to go to an official photo shop, or you just want to save some money, then go ahead and buy it from one of these stores.

Does The Ups Store Do Passport Photos?

Do The Ups Store Do Passport Photos?

Yes, the Ups Store does offer passport photos. You can order them online or in store. They are $10 for a set of three photos.

What is the Ups Store?

The Ups Store, a subsidiary of UPS, offers customers the option to have passport photos taken. Photos are taken in-store and can be shipped to customers within 24 hours. Customers who choose this service pay $19 for a package of eight passport photos and receive a free digital photo album with their order. The digital photo album is available on the The Ups Store website and can be used to store passport photos, wedding photos, and other important family photographs.

Pros and Cons of Having Your Passport Photo Taken at The Ups Store

There are pros and cons to having your passport photo taken at The Ups Store. Here are the benefits:

1. They’re fast. Most passport photos take only a few minutes to complete, so you can head back to shopping quickly.

2. They’re affordable. A standard passport photo costs $16, but that price may be discounted if you purchase it in advance.

3. They’re professional-looking. All of the photos taken at The Ups Store are high-quality and suitable for use on your passport application or travel document.

4. You can choose where you want the photo taken. If you’d like your photo taken on site, The Ups Store has several locations around the country where this can be done quickly and easily. If you prefer to have the photo sent to you electronically, that’s also an option – just select that option when scheduling your appointment.

Does the Ups Store Do Passport Photos?

Yes, the Ups Store does passport photos. You can either have a studio do them or drop them off at their store in person. They will print and mail them to you for an additional fee.

The Ups Store’s Passport Photo Process

The Ups Store is a great option for passport photos if you’re looking for a quick and easy process. All you need to do is bring your official passport and photo ID to the store, and they will take care of the rest. They will print out a photo for you, put it in an album, and give you a certificate of completion. This process can be done in just a few minutes, so it’s an ideal option if you’re on a tight schedule. The Ups Store also offers optional red eye removal, so you can ensure that your photos look their best.

The Ups Store’s Passport Photo Prices

The Ups Store offers passport photo prices that are lower than those of some other popular online photo retailers. In fact, many people find that The Ups Store’s passport photo prices are very reasonable when compared to the competition.

One downside to using The Ups Store for passport photos is that there is no option to order a high-resolution image or have the photos printed on paper. Instead, customers can choose between standard resolution and low resolution images. Additionally, The Ups Store does not offer any customization options, such as adding a border around the photo or choosing a different background color.

Overall, though The Ups Store’s passport photo prices are lower than those of some of the competition, there are some limitations attached to the service. For example, customers cannot customize their photos in any way and they only receive three standard resolution images rather than a high-resolution file or print.


If you’re looking for a place to get passport photos done, does the Ups Store do them? According to their website, “Ups does not offer passport photos.” This could be because they are a digital photo processing company and not an actual photo studio, or it could be that they don’t offer passport photos as part of their services. While this is not a definitive answer, it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area and need some new passport pics!

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