Hong Kong Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

A Hong Kong passport can be applied for by Chinese citizens who have established permanent residence in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and who also possess a valid Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC) issued by the Hong Kong government. Passports issued to Chinese nationals aged 16 and under are only valid for five (5) years, while those issued to adults in Hong Kong are good for ten (10) years.

If you are going on an international trip, check the expiration date on your passport to be sure it is valid for at least six months after your arrival date; if it isn’t, get a new passport before your trip. Many options exist for citizens of Hong Kong to renew their passports. Learn everything you need to know with these detailed steps.

Hong Kong Passport Renewal In USA- Cost & How To Apply

Most of the options below are available to Hong Kong citizens who are currently visiting or residing in the United States and need to renew their passports. Make your way to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, or any of the five other consulate general (Hong Kong) offices spread across the United States (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Houston).

You’ll need to schedule an appointment online ahead of time and bring in the required paperwork and photos for your passport application.

Though applications sent by regular mail from the United States are accepted, we advise applying online for the quickest processing time. The kiosk is the one method you can’t utilize if you’re in the United States because it’s only available in China.

In-person applications are welcome.

Passport renewal by mail is a common and convenient option in many nations, including the United States. You must provide Form ID 841, along with high-quality photocopies of your HKIC and passport, to renew your HKIC by mail. Please attach three (3) similar recent color images (do not staple or paperclip them to your application). The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

Put enough postage on the envelope if you’re sending it through the mail. Submissions that are returned to us as “postage due” will cause significant delays.

You can submit your application through the mail.

Passport renewal by mail is the most convenient, time-saving, and widely used option in Hong Kong, as it is in the United States and many other nations. Include high-quality photocopies of your HKIC and passport that will expire soon with your Form ID 841 application submission. Don’t staple or paperclip the three (3) identical recent color biometric images you’re required to submit with your application, but do submit them separately. Make your passport payment to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” with a check or money order.

When mailing something, be mindful to affix the correct amount of postage on the envelope. All applications returned to the sender “postage due” by the immigration office will cause a significant delay.

Submit your application on the website.

It’s great that nationals of China and Hong Kong can do something the United States can’t and renew their passports online. Anyone above the age of 17 can renew their Hong Kong passport online from any country.

All you need to do is fill out the online application form and attach supporting papers (such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and previous passport) in JPEG, GIF, or TIF format. Please provide a color passport photo that you took within the past year and is no greater than 5MB in JPG format.

Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online purchases. As for me, I believe it’s fantastic and can’t wait till it’s available to renew a passport online in any country.

To reiterate, the fact that your payment was automatically processed does NOT signify that your passport renewal application has been approved. You may have to pay the application fee again if you have to resubmit your application because of an error. As an aside, an unsuitable photograph is the most common cause of a denied passport renewal application.

The self-service terminals are available for usage.

Self-service computer kiosks are available at Hong Kong’s immigration offices, and they’re very cool. Personally, I believe this passport program to be the most innovative one in use at the present time. The passport collection kiosk in Hong Kong works by scanning your biometric fingerprint and Hong Kong permanent identity card.

Please provide either physical copies or digital uploads of all required documentation, including passport images. The requisite government fees can also be paid online.

Be aware that the passport kiosk can take your picture in real time if you haven’t already gotten any. As part of the service, this picture is provided at no extra cost.

How to Take a Perfect Passport Photo Online

The free, automated passport photo available at the immigration office kiosk may not be ideal if you want to take your time posing for the photo.

With an online photo program like Passport Photo Online, you can produce your own passport photo in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. PPO will ensure that your photograph complies with all Chinese government requirements; all you have to do is look your best! Quick, cheap, and entertaining, this option is hard to beat.

To find the style that best suits you, experiment with various haircuts and clothing choices. The creative process can be aided by listening to the music of your choice. As you snap away, pour yourself a glass (or two) of wine. There’s no limit to the number of pictures you can take; you’ll only be charged for the best one you end up using.

Here’s how: have a pal take a full-face photo of you with their smartphone like they would for a passport. To get started, get the Passport Photo Online app from the App Store or Google Play, and then choose “Hong Kong passport photo” from the list of available layouts. In only three seconds, our software will have your photo uploaded, cropped, and modified to meet all requirements for a Hong Kong passport photo, and will email it to you as a JPEG file. You can either print the images for paper submission or upload the digital file to a website. That’s how simple it is!

The average cost of a Hong Kong passport is how much?

If you only travel sometimes, the 32-page passport book will only set you back HK$370 (about $48 USD), while the 48-page book is priced at HK$460 (around $59 USD). That’s one cheap passport!

If I have to replace my passport because it was stolen, damaged, or lost, may I do so online?

Unfortunately, the online service is only for routine and standard renewals at this time. You must personally appear at the immigration department branch office in Hong Kong to obtain a new passport or to replace a lost or stolen passport.

When will my new passport be ready for pickup?

A new passport can be processed in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, which is very quick. You can get faster service only if you’re traveling for work or if you have a life-threatening family emergency; leisure trips are not eligible for this upgrade. When your new passport is ready, the Mainland Office will notify you.

Where exactly in the immigration office can I pick up my passport?

Of course, you can! The Hong Kong immigration office will send you a letter with instructions on when and where to pick up your passport from a kiosk. Just like when you dropped off your application, you will need to use your HKIC and fingerprints to prove who you are.


A valid passport or other acceptable travel document is required for all international travel. Hong Kong’s passport renewal options are among the quickest and most convenient in the world, with cutting-edge options like online service and sleek, self-service kiosks. It is imperative that you make use of this cutting-edge equipment. My dream is that eventually the rest of the world will catch up with us. Maintain a valid Hong Kong passport at all times.

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