Philippine Passport Renewal In USA (2023) Cost & How

There are currently millions of people from the Philippines living in the United States of America, with their home country’s international passports that can expire anything. What happens when your international passport is expiring as a Filipino living in the United States? Simple, you can get a renewal done without having to travel home to the Philippines.

Philippine passport renewal in USA costs just $60, and it can be done in the Philippine embassy in Washington DC, or any of the consulates in different parts of USA. You must be physically present so your signature and fingerprint could be captured for your passport application to be successful.

Philippine Passport Renewal In USA

We should start with this. Before now, the Philippine passport is strictly all about the physical booklet known around. If you want to get the passport renewed upon its expiration, you have to simple go online and get the process done, even from the process of your home. You can easily scan and upload the necessary stuff on their portal, and the application process will be conducted with ease. However, the Philippines have joined the list of country making use of the ePassport.

Just if you are not sure of what and how the electronic passport works, you should first realize that it was introduced to upgrade the Philippine passport and make it more reliable. A chip is provided and is placed into the back of the regular passport booklet. The chip will carry all the biographical and biometric details of the person. This is to ensure that the passport becomes more secure, and its integrity increased on the global floor.

Hence, if you are going to renew your Philippine passport, then you have to visit the Philippine embassy or consulate general in the United States of America, where your signature and fingerprint are going to be captured right there in their office. So, while this is a big improvement as far as authenticity is concerned, it also means applicants must create time to go to the place in person.

Applicants must take with them these documents, as they are integral requirements for your Philippine passport renewal:

  1. A passport application form. This must be fully completed with the right information. You can download the form online and fill it up before going to the embassy or consulate-general. You can also request for a copy when you get there, and you fill it on the queue. However, the former option is always preferably, so you can comfortably input the right details only.
  2. A proof of identification. You can submit a copy of your valid birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage certificate, and so on. Kindly note that one fundamental factor you should consider for your choice of proof of identification should be that your middle name must be inputted and visible.
  3. Your current Philippine international passport
  4. A copy of the data pages of your passport
  5. Proof that you don’t have a green card
  6. Passport processing fee (60 USD).

Finally, when your passport is ready to be picked, you can easily get it in person at the embassy or consulate-general. Nevertheless, if you want it mailed to you, then, while making your application, you are expected to submit a self-addressed envelope with necessary stamps that must include tracking numbers.

Cost Of Philippine Passport Renewal In USA

The fee for renewing a regular Philippine international passport in the United States of America is just $60. Kindly note that you can make payment with money cash, certified check, bank draft, cash and cashier’s check.

Incredibly, that is a whole lot of options, as citizens from several other countries don’t have such luxury when making payment for their own passport in their country’s foreign missions in the United States of America. For instance, you can’t make payment with cash in many other embassies or consulate generals. Therefore, it appears the Philippine foreign missions in USA are interested in making things very easy for Filipinos in the country.

It should however be added that they won’t accept credit cards and personal checks for payment of your passport fees.

Philippine Foreign Missions In USA

Embassy of the Philippines, Washington DC

If you reside in South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, District of Columbia, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Georgia, Aguila, Kentucky, Antigua and Barbuda, Maryland, Bahamas, North Carolina, British Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Guadalupe, Netherlands Antilles, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, plus Saint Vicent and Grenadines, this is where you can approach for your Philippine passport renewal.

Address: 1600 Massachusetts Ave NW,

Washington DC

Philippine Consulate General, Agana GM

If you reside in Guam, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Wake Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana, this is the place to renew your Philippine international passport.

Address: Suite 601 & 602 ITC Building Marine Drive,

Tamuning Guam

Philippine Consulate General, Chicago, IL

If you reside in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, you should go here for your Philippine international passport renewal.

Address: 122 S. Michigan Ave Suite 1600,

Chicago IL 60603

Philippine Consulate General, Honolulu

For Filipinos living around American Samoa, Honolulu and French Polynesia, this is the place they can get their Philippine passport renewal done.

Address: 2433 Pali Highway,


Philippine Consulate General Houston, TX

For folks living in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi and Oklahoma, they can get their Philippine passport renewal done here.

Address: 9990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 100N,


Texas 77042

Philippine Consulate General New York

If you live in Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and Vermont, you should get your passport renewal done here

Address: 556 5th Avenue,

New York NY 10036

Philippine Consulate General San Francisco CA

Filipinos living in Washington State, Northern California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Alaska, Northern Nevada, Wyoming and Utah, can get their Philippine international passport renewal done here

Address: 447 Sutter St,

6th Floor,

San Francisco CA 94108

Expediting Your Passport Renewal

There are some applicants with reasons to expedite their Philippine passport renewal in the United States of America. For folks in this category, they have to be specific while at the consulate general office, and communicate it to the officials there. Those ones would explain the things which must be done as well as the processes involved.

Note that this will be a special service which will require special efforts. Hence, it is likely that you pay an extra fee to fasten the process of the renewal of your Philippine international passport.

The officials understand that there can be very good reasons why people want to have their Philippine passport application settled as soon as possible, because they may have very urgent need for the passport. There are some who urgently have to travel as soon as possible, and can’t afford to wait for the normal duration. These ones would definitely need these services, and they have to clearly explain when making their application.

There are some other important reasons why you may want to quickly get back your new international passport. In fact, there are some who will be offered a temporary passport depending on their peculiar case. The point is, just ensure that you communicate with the officials there and let them understand your predicament, and they will know what appropriate response to give you. So, visit the Philippine Consulate which is closer to where you reside in USA, and go there with your documents as highlighted above. Ensure the documents are all complete, so you won’t have to leave again just to get the ones not part of it.



Philippine passport renewal in USA can be done in the Philippine embassy or any of the consulate general offices in different parts of the United States. Note that this cannot be done by post, and you can’t outsource it for someone else to help get it done for you. Rather, you must be available there yourself and you will be attended to.

You should not pass through unnecessary stress when working on your passport application, as far as you fulfill all requirements. If your stuff is successful at the embassy or consulate-general office, it is sent to the Philippines, where a new one is made. After about six months, you should get back your new international passport. But if your passport has expired or very damaged, and you need another one as quick as possible for very important reasons, simply state your case when you visit any of the consulate offices around.

Finally, you may have more questions you need answers to, as touching your Philippine international passport renewal. You can easily send your email to Someone will attend to you and give you an appropriate response in no time.

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